How to keep pole dancing during the lockdown

How to keep pole dancing during the lockdown

The whole world is going through a crazy time right now, and it seems that everything we're used to has been turned upside down. To protect others (and ourselves) we are all staying in - but that doesn't mean you have to give up your passion! While we are not able to go out for our much-needed pole classes, there are some great alternatives for pole dancing at home. So whether you are in quarantine or social distancing, there are plenty of pole classes online for you to keep busy.


Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam - Tatjana van Onna pole dancing

First, I will start with the studio where I pole danced for years, because they really deserve an honorable mention. This is truly my pole home, and the place where I started APEX polewear. The studio owner, Tatjana van Onna, is an incredible pole dancer and instructor, and during the pandemic, she and the other PDFA instructors are teaching their classes online! I highly recommend you trying out a class, at € 7.50 per class it is well worth it.

Class type: live class

Cost: € 7.50 (about $ 8) per class

Classes: pole fitness, exotic pole, workouts, hand balancing, flexibility, and more.

Platform: Zoom (web & mobile)

Opendance Academy

Opendance Academy - Evgeny Greshilov pole dancing

Founded by Evgeny Greshilov, this online pole academy is filled with high-level content featuring some of the best pole dancers in the world. If you've always wanted to be taught by for example Marion Crampe, Olga Trifonova, or Kira Noire, this is the right place. The classes are on the expensive side, but they offer lifetime access.

Class type: recorded class

Cost: $ 40 - $ 350 (about € 36 - € 322)

Classes: pole fitness, exotic pole, and flexibility.

Platform: web & mobile app

Studio Veena

Studio Veena - Veena pole dancing

This may have been around the longest of all online pole platforms, the first tutorial dates back to 2010! Studio Veena offers extensive pole classes and Veena is an incredible instructor who explains everything very thoroughly. Although this platform has been around for a long time, it's still updated regularly with new tricks, combinations, and other tutorials. Also check out her Instagram @studioveena for regular pole challenges.

Class type: recorded class

Cost: $ 20 (about € 18) per month

Classes: pole fitness, exotic pole, strength, flexibility, aerial arts, foam roller, and more.

Platform: web & mobile app

123poling - Rafaela Montanaro pole dancing

123poling has online classes for every level, and is widely known for its red ribbon technique, which takes away the confusion of thinking about left and right while you're upside down. It also features some incredible pole dancers; notably Rafaela Montanaro, Amy Hazel, and Olga Spezia among others.

Class type: recorded class

Cost: $ 99 (about € 90) for a year

Classes: pole fitness and exotic pole.

Platform: web

X-Pole TV

X-Pole TV - Nicole "The Pole" Williams pole dancing

We all know X-Pole, but not everyone knows they offer online classes! They have tons of different classes, and even offer aerial arts. Some of the instructors here include Natasha Wang, Nicole "The Pole" Williams, and Tara Meyer. Free trial alert! X-Pole TV now offers 14 day free trials for you to have a go at the platform and see if you like it. 

Class type: recorded class

Cost: $ 15 (about € 14) per month

Classes: pole fitness, exotic pole, aerial silk, and lyra (aerial hoop).

Platform: web


Hopefully, this article has helped give you an idea of the options for you to pole dance at home. If you want more, there are plenty of other options out there, as well as tutorials on Instagram and even entire pole camps online! As you can see, there is no need for you to be without your pole fix. So enjoy, stay safe, and happy poling!

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