About us - the APEX polewear story

My name is Anna, and I'm the founder of APEX polewear. Since the moment I discovered pole dancing in 2014, I became a complete pole addict. I changed my schedule, my diet, and even my living room to better suit my pole dancing lifestyle! The only thing I never managed to find was the perfect polewear. While I found some items that were cute, many times they were either unflattering, uncomfortable, or they simply went out of style really quick.

APEX polewear - photo by Yuri Botefucka

With APEX polewear, I wanted to create items that could be my all time favorites. I wanted stylish essentials that I could wear in any combination, that were super flattering, and perfectly made for pole dancing. After dozens of designs and months of testing and developing, I have finally created a collection that consists only of items that I now consider all time favorites. Since finalizing the designs, I've hardly worn any other polewear! Mixing and matching these items can create numerous styles, which are suited for feeling anything from sporty to sexy. It is truly good for any mood.

Besides creating all time favorites, sustainability and ethical production is very important to me. This is why all our pole dance clothing is produced locally in the European Union, in an ethical and sustainable way. I think this goes a long way in helping you feel good in the clothes you buy!

I hope you will love this polewear as much as I do. Go find your new all time favorites!

To read more about sustainability, visit our page Sustainability.