Sustainability is an important value of APEX polewear. We try to be sustainable in as many ways as possible, and are continuously improving our manufacturing process and shipping to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Environmentally friendly

Rather than being flown all over the world during the production process, our clothes are produced in Europe - just a few hours away from our warehouse! Here, we have strict enforcements on how the clothes are produced, ensuring low emissions and no unnecessary pollution. We even use shipping bags that are made from 100% recycled plastic! We have a goal set for ourselves to completely eliminate plastic waste in our production process and shipping. (If you have a great tip, please contact us!)

Ethically produced

Our clothes are produced in Portugal, a beautiful country in the European Union with excellent labor laws and fantastic working conditions. All people involved in the production process are paid a good wage, have universal health care and many other benefits. We specifically chose not to produce in a low wage country, because we want no part in contributing to poor working conditions - not to mention flying garments all over the world.

Slow fashion

The styles of our items are classic and don't rely on what's currently trendy. This helps you enjoy your items for longer, and leads to less waste of old, out-of-style clothes. The high quality of the clothes makes them durable as well. The combination of timelessness and durability means you can wear your favorite clothes for longer, lowering the need for new clothes to be produced constantly.

Long-term goals

We strive to be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible, and we are working to become a zero-emissions, zero-waste company. We're not at our final goal yet, but we continuously make small steps toward making our production completely climate neutral.

To read more about how APEX polewear came to be an eco-friendy, ethical brand, read the blog post Sustainable Fashion. And if you have great ideas or tips for us, please contact us.