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The 3 keys to getting a perfect toe point for pole dance

Pole dancing can be one of the most rewarding sports you can practice. From nailing new tricks to the amazing pole community, there is so much to enjoy! That joy can sometimes turn to horror when you look at a video of your training and see your feet looking like some kind of monster claw. We've all been there. So here is your ultimate guide on how to get a perfect toe point without having to even think about it! These are the 3 keys to getting a perfect, automatic toe point every single time. You need some foot flexibility If you want the perfect toe point, you will need some flexibility in your feet. The best time to stretch your...

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What to wear to a pole dancing class

If you are about to start your first pole dancing class, let me start by saying: congratulations! You are joining one of the most addictive and rewarding sports out there. You are probably wondering what is the best thing for you to wear to class. I am here to give you all the info! What to wear 1. A sports bra First of all, you should wear a sports bra that you feel comfortable in. In pole dancing, you will be moving around a lot. Whether that's warming up, spinning around the pole, or even going upside down - you will want to wear something comfortable that stays in place. During warming up and some basic tricks and spins you can wear...

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainability has been an important value for me for most of my life. From a young age, I've been recycling and paying attention to what I eat to reduce my environmental impact on the planet. It has always been important to me to live in a way that I could fully support my own actions and stand behind my choices. When I founded APEX polewear, this was a tough...

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Why I started APEX polewear

For a long time, there weren't many options when it came to pole dance clothing. We would always have to make do with what we could find at regular sports stores and long searches online. Luckily, as pole dancing is becoming more and more popular, the number of options in polewear is growing rapidly. Sometimes it seems I come across a new polewear...

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What's different about polewear?

Since I started building APEX polewear, there is one question people have asked me more than others: "what's different about pole dance clothing?". Many people who don't pole dance immediately see visions of latex and bodyglitter (so much so that I later changed my explanation for non-polers to "activewear for pole dancing"). I can understand that it's hard...

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