What to wear to a pole dancing class

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If you are about to start your first pole dancing class, let me start by saying: congratulations! You are joining one of the most addictive and rewarding sports out there. You are probably wondering what is the best thing for you to wear to class. I am here to give you all the info!

What to wear

1. A sports bra

APEX polewear balconette pole dance sports braFirst of all, you should wear a sports bra that you feel comfortable in. In pole dancing, you will be moving around a lot. Whether that's warming up, spinning around the pole, or even going upside down - you will want to wear something comfortable that stays in place. During warming up and some basic tricks and spins you can wear a top over your sports bra. Make sure you can move around in it comfortably and can fully lift your arms over your head. For tricks like going upside down in the pole, you will need skin grip on your side. This is easier to do wearing just your sports bra.

2. Shorts

APEX polewear high waist floral pole dance shortsSecond, you will need some short shorts. In order to have grip on your knees and thighs, you can't have fabric covering your skin. If you want to sit in the pole, for example, you will need to be able to squeeze with your thighs. Wearing something like running shorts, you will find you can't perform some tricks because you can't grip the pole with your skin. If you like to have more coverage, consider high waist shorts! These will allow you enough grip while you still feel covered. During the warm-up you can wear leggings, but most pole tricks won't be possible with them. To stay warm on cold days, you can also wear leg warmers.

3. Bare feet

In pole dancing, we leave our trainers at home! Unless you are doing a sexy pole class, you will want to have bare feet. For a sexy pole class, you can bring heels. Make sure you are comfortable in them, and that they are not too heavy or too slippery. If you want the real deal, check out Pleaser shoes for a huge collection of pole dancing platforms. If you're not ready to wear heels to a pole class, it is perfectly fine to go without! In this case, bring some socks to allow your feet to slide on the floor.

Bonus tips

Don't moisturize

In the 24 hours before your pole class, stay away from all moisturizer! If you have a moisturized skin, it can become very hard to grip the pole and you will spend most of your class sliding down.

Bring knee pads for choreography class

If you are doing a sexy pole class or other choreography class, bring knee pads! This way you protect your knees when you're on the floor.

Relax and enjoy!

It may feel intimidating to take your first pole class, but just keep in mind that you're there to learn an have fun - just like everyone else! You will see that the pole community is very supportive, and your instructor and fellow classmates will be more than happy to help you nail your tricks and cheer you on. Enjoy your first pole class!

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