Where are my clothes made?

APEX polewear production

To show all APEX fans the power of ethical manufacturing, I think it's important to be completely transparent in showing how, where and by whom APEX polewear is made. Our clothes are made in my home country: The Netherlands. The Netherlands is a relatively small country in the European Union, with high quality standards and excellent working conditions. It was important for me to manufacture my clothes here. The clothes are ethically and sustainably made and local production also means shorter transits and reduced emissions.

I'm happy to show and tell you exactly how APEX polewear is made. First, we draw up many different designs. Designs are then analyzed to see if they would really work for pole dancing, and whether or not it is possible to produce them without getting too complicated and expensive. The designs that will work well are then sampled. To produce the best results, we work one-on-one in creating and sampling the designs. After the designs have been tested and approved for pole dancing, the items are fitted by pole dancers of all shapes and sizes to see how the clothes fit. Once they fit everyone well, the sizing is finalized and colors and prints are picked. After the fabrics are dyed, the production begins! This is where the items you order are made. Once the items are done, everything is checked for quality and labelled. When all this is finished, it is ready to be shipped to our customers! By the time you get your items, you can be assured of high quality and feel ready for your next pole class, all the while knowing your clothes were produced in an ethical way :)

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